Posted 10 February 2011 16:36

-          The 2010 season, the  league started off with the following teams:

1.    Africa Nazarene University

2.    Egerton University

3.    Jomokenyatta Univerity and

4.    Nairobi school.

-          However Kenyatta University joined the league towards the end of the year and they were able to honor all their matches.

-          The league ended on 6th Feb 2011 and the league standings are as follows:

1.    Gold: JKUAT

2.    Silver: ANU

3.    Bronze: Egerton

4.    Kenyatta University

5.    Nairobi School (Did not honor all matches)

-          In January 2010 we got a volunteer from japan. She managed to visit teams within and around Nairobi on regular basis. These teams include:

1.    ANU

2.    JKUAT


4.    KU AND


She was also involved in officiating during the competitions. She left at the beginning of December 2010. We hope that JICA will send us another coach this year. At the beginning of 2010 season we held a successful slow pitch competition which attracted embassies teams. The teams present included:

1.    USA

2.    Canada

3.    Japan

4.    JKUAT

5.    ANU

6.    Egerton

7.    Nairobi School

§  The winner was the USA  team

-          On February 5th this year we started the 2011 season with a slow pitch competition AT  Nairobi  School  . The teams which attended included:

1.    US

2.    Canada

3.    ANU

4.    Egerton

5.    Kenyatta University

6.    JKUAT  and

7.    Makongeni Softball club.

§  The finalist are the US and Egerton and the finals will be played later in the month

-          This year the league is expected to be more competitive.  We are also planning to start a women league. The teams expected are:




Expected Men Teams


1.    ANU

2.    JKUAT

3.    Egerton

4.    KU

5.    NYS

6.    Agakhan Sports club

7.    UON

8.    USIU

9.    Murang’a Softball club

Expected Women Teams

1.    ANU

2.    JKUAT

3.    Egerton

4.    KU

5.    NYS and

6.    UON

7.    Makongeni softball team

- For the last 2 years we have received 30 starter kits from International Softball Federation. These kits have gone a long way towards developing softball in the Teachers Training Colleges and in the Universities.